Orders and payments

Updated - 25 August 2020

Purchasing methods

  1. All products sold by Gentry Home are solely those shown on Gentry Home’s website at the time of the receipt of the order, as described in the related information sheets.

  2. It shall be understood that the images supporting the technical sheets of a product are merely for information purposes only and may not be wholly representative of the product's features, possibly differing, f. e., in color and size (in some cases due to the browser and screen used to access the website and view the images).

  3. To place an Order, the Customer must fully fill in the form on the website and send the same after having carefully read the Conditions as well as the features of the product and/or products he/she intends to purchase. If required, the Customer must also ask Gentry Home for a tax invoice for the purchase, in accordance with Article 22 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 633/1972.

  4. Correct receipt of the Order shall be confirmed by Gentry Home via email sent to the email address indicated by the Customer. Said confirmation message shall include a summary of the details provided by the Customer on the Order, so that the Customer may check them and communicate any necessary corrections immediately.

Prices and Payment Method

  1. The prices indicated on the website shall be understood as inclusive of taxes and VAT. Any delivery costs or payment charges shall in any case be notified to the Customer through the website or these Conditions.

  2. The following payment methods are accepted:

    1. PayPal
    2. Credit card (VISA - Visa Electron - V-Pay - Mastercard - Maestro - American Express - Diners).
    3. Bank Transfer (Only for EU countries).